Shanklin Chine

Isle of Wight

Old postcards are sometimes poorly produced and grainy, I've done my best to scan them. Please click thumbnails for full size picture. Dates are from the card or my estimate (where possible). The manufacturer of the card is shown in brackets (where available).

'The delightful village of Shanklin. In this sequestered spot is a good inn, fitted up for the accommodation of visitors. The object of attraction at Shanklin is the Chine, (which is situated at about ten minutes walk from the inn. This phenomenon of nature is a combi­nation of beauty and grandeur; it is formed by the separation of a lofty cliff, whose height is 280 feet perpendicular, and 100 feet wide at the top. On entering the Chine from the shore, we pass along one side, rugged and barren; through which a winding path has been cut by a poor fisherman; while below the rippling stream urges its way to the ocean, which pours its rolling waters at its feet, and spreads its boundless expanse before it. On the other side the cliff is fertile, covered with hanging wood and bushes, adorned with a neat cottage, and having a little rustic inn. About the middle of the Chine is a small Chalybeate: and the path now conducts by a serpentine course to a scene of awful grandeur, formed by stupendous masses of matter on each side, and the rustling of a small cascade, which falls from the head of the Chine, and passes between the dark and overhanging cliffs.

From Beauties of the Isle of Wight published by S Horsley about 1830

Shanklin Cnine Hollow

Waterfall in Chanklin Chine

Shanklin Chine Hollow about 1905. (John Davies)

Waterfall in Shanklin Chine around 1910. (Dainty)

The entrance to Shanklin chine

The old stone bridge in Shanklin chine

The entrance to Shanklin chine, prior to 1910.

The old stone bridge in Shanklin chine, 1905. (Welch)

Foot of the waterfall, Shanklin chine

The stone bridge, Shanklin Chine

The foot of the Waterfall, Shanklin Chine, 1913. (Nigh)

Another view of the Stone Bridge. (Dean)

Inside Shanklin Chine

The Honeymoon cottage in Shanklin chine

Inside Shanklin Chine, probably in the 1930's. (Dean)

The Honeymoon cottage in Shanklin chine, probably around 1930. This is now houses an exhibition and tea room.

The beach entrance to Shanklin Chine

Shanklin Chine, Fishermans Cottage from the Beach

The beach entrance to Shanklin Chine, 1932.

The building is known as Fishermans Cottage

Fishermans Cottage from the beach, dated around 1910. This is now an inn (also shown in previous picture)


Shanklin Esplanade

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